To Hell with the Ugly

Here is setup in my head when I heard a conversation between two successful white dudes working at finance at a party.

– I remember reading Vian and specifically there was a scene where two “artificially designed” beautiful men discussing that what turns them on are super ugly and/or invalids, I think one mentioned he had a prostitute without a limb or smth.

– I have watched recently “Wolf of Wall Street”, apparently the movie with highest frequency of “fuck” utterance (yes, there is a list for that too). The scene of party planning, discussing what they could do to midgets.

– A long speech by friend of mine on how financial sector suffers from professional deformity. Same way teachers at home have a problem to turn off the teacher inside themselves, brokers continue to see the world and people as transactions that should make them money.

Now two people having discussion on what they will do for winter vacation. I am close by, but my experience is not on par, I can not contribute, I am (and they are too !) slowly getting bored listening about all the wonderful and warm, the tasty and sexy, and then. Two people in front of me found new topic so hot they actually became animated, drinks are back on table, so hands can do motions in the air. They were discussing what island has the most observable and most pitiful poverty as an attraction for family winter vacation.


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