design as regression to the mean

Trying to follow AB testing in design is creating “design by committee” monsters, but on drugs. Hordes of humans can not go wrong, so average wins over reason.The company mostly famous for AB testing is Google. And what do we get?
– Services that were created independently by individuals first mutilated than killed. Remember Google Reader? Created by engineers, site allowed you to get notifications using standard and free web interface, called RSS. The most active users of the service were using it to share and created whole communities based (surprise!) on shared interests. What did Google do ? First they killed a way to share, than they killed the service itself. The problem is not only abandoned people and ruined communities. The problem is free and standard interfaces for sharing using RSS are dying as a result. New Google Plus does not support it. So now, other sites are following Google and removing support for RSS, see Hulu for example. Now you have to login into Hulu, like into Facebook or Google Plus to find out if there are new shows.
– Design of most used services are getting stupider, like the most used webmail application today – GMail has “spam” button next to “archive” in both Web and Mobile versions. The effect of pressing either button is the same – message disappearing from my inbox. How many times, do you think, you pressed the wrong button and would never learn about it until you can not see emails you suppose to get ?
Going after average customer produces average design that makes everyone to be a monster with one boob and half a dick. Google is making us the evil.


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