art and craft progression

Looks like all kind of arts go through the same progression, from artists learning craft and developing tools and form. Next stage is perfecting of the craft, and next is realization that art itself is lost in the form. Iconic symbolism of form takes over everything else. So games with form begin until ultimately the stage of shedding the form, liberating from it. At that point only sophisticated observer of art survives, common man has to develop skill and taste to appreciate the work of artist. To go beyond iconic symbols but to recognize the process of developing of associations  (similarity, contrast, adjacency…) of the ephemeral language of the presentation, without relying on common context. It leads to artists’ problem of originality. Some are developing unique language and forcing it on observer, i.e. violent approach. Some reuse common forms that lost original meaning due to overexposure, postmodern. And some go to basics and that is usually takes form of abstract art.

In craft, though, form accommodates function and can be infinitely refined. Too simple or overly complex does not work functionally. So, after post/modernism  craftsmen come to mannerism.  Convention tweaked or modified, but acknowledges ambiguity. Craftsmen breaking rules is not rebelling, but rather realizing them.


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