Visual Thinking by Rudolf Arnheim

“The arts are neglected because they are based on perception, and perception is disdained because it is not assumed to involve thought.”
“Undoubtedly, Western civilization has greatly profited from the distinction between the objectively exising world and the perception of it. It is a distinction that established the difference between the physical and the mental. It was the beginning of psychology.”
“Visual perception is not a passive recording of stimulus material but an active concern of the mind. The sense of sight operates selectively. The perception of shape consists in the application o form categories, which can be called visual concepts becasue of thier simplicity and generality. Perception involves problem solving.”
First general cognitive problem – everything in this world presents itself in context and its modulated be that context.
One tries to look at any thing from the distance at which it offers and image of convinient size, not too large and not too small.


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