shoot the canon

we use stories to organize thoughts and share them. it is very efficient way to think and share complex thoughts.
we need common stories to build our interpretation, our thoughts, we share and build community of people who share similar interpretation of common stories.
the set of stories become a canon. out interpretations build continuity of thoughts in time, across generations.
how new stories are added to the canon ?
jews build the canon around one book. with many generations building a complex eco-systems of somewhat compatible subsets of canons. each subset now enriches mostly itself, but having one book in common keeps a solid connection..
“western” society have added many books to its canon, from Shakespeare to Eminem. this way creating many loosely integrated sub-sets that still have non-religious books in common, so sub-sets are integrated through something all can argue equally .
so the point of forcefully making western canon to be multicultural, to create a new interpretation of classic books will only work if new interpretation is compatible with existing sub-groups.
interesting that immigrants from third-world countries bring with themselves an older style of stories, well suited for audio books.
from places where customs are more important than rules. and these customs are not written, a stranger will be recognized instantly.
world where “what will people say” is the most important drive to keep customs alive.
places where instead mr/sir/etc kids would use uncle/aunt to address strangers.
old style customs still in language, a small place expressedly-warm mentality faced western style “personal space” politeness.

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