– do not have many principles. it is already hard to keep self integrity. principles require attention, and thats lead to obsession. so don’t be obsessed. you should have many stories in your head.
– do not speak from behalf political/cultural/etc movement, do not associate yourself with one completely. becoming religious also makes you divide people. becoming simply binary simplifies the choice and makes you emphatically lazy.  you should not close your eyes on clearly presented arguments. you have to work. even if it means simply going through a motion, but productive work is rewarding. do the work, do not rely on taking on affiliation !
– your time, attention, memory have no absolute importance. you may want to spend it on other people, you may want to trust other people. You should have friends. Be generous with your resources and caring to ones around you. Meaning comes from the context. Your context is defined by very few. Do not lose the meaning by pretending to optimize.

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