pay for expert – Knowledge Shop

There are people seeking answers, there are experts that can provide them.
Good experts need incentive.
Lots of people need answers for the same/similar questions.
We need several mechanisms to improve what we have now. (dead google answers, yahoo answers/boards/newsgroups/forums/wikianswer/quora/ etc)

Sharing an expert. Getting enough people together to meet expert’s requirements for compensation.

Triage. There are special kind of expertise to know the right expert for an answer. Good floor salesman, level 2 customer service, realtor, head hunter. The middleman that actually helps. (see Collins – interactional expertise)
Expert tracking. An expert is recognized by: credentials, experience and track-record. User and triagers should use and influence this metadata. (see Collins for meta-criteria definition)

The knowledge database should have access rules defined by contract between users and expert, facilitated by triager.
For internet application, it makes sense to let experts reuse their reputation earned in other communities. Get data from linked-in and other social web-sites. Become a part of social web sites. Like facebook/linked-in application.


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