il pal comix

Israeli Girl to Palestinian Boy: why are you doing this to us ? we had a deal, and you don’t hold your side. we gave up a lot, we cut our country and gave it to you. you are independent now ! international ! and in return we only ask you to just stop shooting at us! stop terrorizing us ! don’t hate us so much! show us some love ! we don’t want to fight, lets be neighbors. i won’t bother you ! we could have cook outs together.

Palestinian Girl to Israeli Boy : you never treated me equal, you always talked down ! you did not “give up” the land, that land where my father’s grand father build a house. but I would not kill you for that. its that you never said “i am sorry”. you never gave me a chance to forgive you ! and since i can not forgive you, the only other honorable option left for me – i have to kill you

God to Boys: grow up, man ! say to girl: “i am sorry!”, and get it over with. you can’t leave the house now, and she will make you miserable as only girls from middle east can. your story is irrelevant ! your principles are irrelevant ! your whole world is her, and she wants to hear that you are sorry! be a man ! say to girl: “i am sorry!”


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