Free will

Spherical horse in vacuum ? Since we are talking about people, not stones, not even ants, we assume consciousness as a prerequisite. So free will to exercise control over own actions. Free as indeterministic. Answer is Yes, there is free will. But not in abstract causal relationship of atoms movements.
A conscious being without connections to reality ? God? Even people who in fact create something new that we can all agree on (like scientists or artists) had only 10% of their own DNA in their body; and take into account memories and relationships with other people; and hormonal, social and geographical contexts etc. So having a context within real world does not prevent people from having an ability to create something new, to exercise a free choice – free in a sense that they’ve made a unique, but commonly recognizable, new choice. You know, Shakespeare wrote “Hamlet”. So if this choice was new and unique to all of us – it was new and unique for the author. I.e. unpredictable by author or us, we would not be able to determine it. So it is functionally free will. So the question becomes is it indeterministic in the universal context, not just human. In this case, answer is No, unless there is a God, i.e. a conscious being that has no external context to itself. Non conscious universe has no free will. Just because term “will” is not applicable to something without a consciousness. Freedom in this sense is personal responsibility for the choice you make. And only possible if person is responsible for the consequences. By making the choice, you actually create the causal relationship you so desire, and create reality for yourself and others. And, of course, take responsibility for this reality.
Yes, starving person is not as free as full in front of opportunity to steal piece of bread. Or even one abused in childhood is not as free later in life in intimate relationship.  And what if creation of something patently new is not a sufficient but a mere necessary demonstration of free will? If it is free in a sense “free to do something” . Well thats a different issue, having to do with psychology rather than philosophy.


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