conscious time

people say “i remember something unconsciously, can’t explain”
conscious time is the time you can recall using words, -> so being conscious means being able to describe your context using words, right ?

brain solves many problems simultaneously, one of them is “self representation”. this is what we internalize as kids, it goes from public to your inner voice. from internalizing what mom said to internalizing your own thoughts. so one can say that this constant verbal “self representation” is the consciousness or conscious thought. and thats how hypnosis works, allow self representation to be done by somebody else.

so, consciousness as opposite to reflexive or un/sub/conscious,  happens in the same area as self representation. evolutionary this area developed to better understand others, it is social, it is ToM. I.e. we understand ourselves using same tools/techniques we use to understand others.And thats why we are so bad at it, and thats why “to know thyself” is not such a bad goal in life.

Self reflection through interaction with others is the epitome of  conscious time


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