complex systems. who has a chance ?

some people make mistakes in judgement because they do not appreciate complexity of the context for an observed principle. Like a-hole physicist Hoking or linguist Chomsky. (They so full of themselves that any opinion coming out from them becomes The principle for universe at all, and for each of us in particular. i.e theirs and sooooo self projected). But some people try yo do better but make methodological mistakes – it is hard to think about self-reflective system. Spectacular failures in biology (epigenomics) or psychology (lobotomy anyone?). So who learned to make money building and working with complex systems ? finance, lawyers may be. And we see how they fail. Failed policies and market crushes. Who has a chance ?
But for some engineers, ones who work with complex networks, this is an opportunity to change the world. Internet anyone ? rant continues as system crushes and security holes are presented.


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