your move, movie

You like movies where plot is not completely predictable, where 5 min shot of crossed wires is reasonable device to learn emotional state of the protagonist, movies that do not give you answers but encourage discussions more complicated than “wow”, with endings that leave you hanging. Tarkovsky and Fellini left huge mark and you consider them indisputable geniuses. And Hollywood for you just synonymous with empty headed entertainment for people with no intellectual requests from life. European slow movies about life of real people are most true to your heart. Directors that have artistic ambitions and make movies to satisfy themselves.

Not me.

Good story well told. In Omar Hayam tradition, find a courage to make a point about most trivial of issues, take a risk in gimmick and make it spectacular, keep me glued, make me cite lines, respect me- that’s what I looking for in a movie. I love Hollywood. I love Hong Kong. Creating styles, characters, being big, have balls.


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