Past Jiminy first speach

What makes human a human you ask ? Comparing to what, animals ?

We can recognize that animals have emotions, reasoning, they learn, love, mourn. We see that they can care for others.

But as far as I know, animals do not assume that loved one can hurt itself intentionally. That they need to be protected from themselves.

We recognize our own bad mistakes and destructive urges and we expect and afraid of what kind of things go on in heads of others. As Maimonides said, “our conceptions of good and evil involve the imagination”.

Animals do correct and control behavior of others, but not by demonstratively intending to harm itself.

If you look at the problem this way, than the shared believe that one can hurt himself, is the foundation of humanity and base for the eventual guilt trip.

If one can hurt himself intentionally and we care about this person, we go and protect instinctively. Sometimes we just know better what’s good for this person. And sometimes it’s even true.

Different religions treat it differently of course. Every culture develops it’s own way to enforce good behavior. I like to think that mythologically the difference have its roots in the end game. Mothers prepare children for life on earth and the afterlife. Parents generally feel guilty for the job they’ve done. Kids are never perfect, you know. Parents have enough guilt to pass it all around. But there is only that many ways how you can convince somebody of anything. Or at least that was how it used to be. But what else do you really have ?

Buddhist will look for a way to stop this emotion, the suffering. Those who want to get off samsara wheel, have to follow The Path. Or you will suffer and reborn to suffer again and again until you will fucking start following The Path. Repetition till perfection in everything, including all social practices. Accept hardship from your guru. And really, just lose all your desires, you will be fine.

In Islam, you know, they still reinforcing strong social norms. And it works, since the core idea, the word itself, means “Submission”. So, total respect is absolutely required. And totally regulated and reinforced niceness. True believers are very nice people. And gentle, and tender. You just can not bring shame on your family. Aggression than, in normal circumstances, only possible against those who outside the community. So people live with strong and clear definitions of loyalty, between families, geography, denomination. Sort of like a “bad ‘hood”. When prisoners have a dilemma to snitch or to stick together, reciprocal loyalty always is the best strategy. Well, in the long run. That’s why, I think, more people in poor places are converting – it is religion of tough survival. Don’t be surprised by these people, try to be nice all the time, you will see how hard it is.

Catholics require confession. Which is a form of forced therapy. But on the other hand, the whole Christ thing is an illustration of intentional self inflicted harm to shame us all into good behavior. And I am saying it with all due respect to Christians. I think it is accepted to look for personal emotional connection with the Son of God, so no disrespect. All I am saying that dying on cross for my sins is may be 20 out of 10, but still, on a Jewish Mother Scale of guilt trip. Jewish mothers have to guilt kids into good behavior without appealing to the eyes of All Seeing God. Even for those mothers, in families that still live within tradition, what’s best describes the attitude is: “God has better things to do, than to deal with somebody like this disappointment”. And I am not saying that Catholic Guilt is not a thing. Of course Catholics have their own personal hell, and I mean they even have the word – Hell, to use. There is the stick you can use, the stick of inevitable justice.

Jews don’t fret Hell, being chosen and all of that. All what’s going to happen to you in afterlife is an eternity by the side of God. And if you did something awful during lifetime, you will spend sometime in Purgatory, feeling very ashamed. And so all you need to be prepared for is this feeling of being ashamed. And you take all your earthly life for this preparation.

Without the stick of Hell, Jewish mothers have to beat their kids with carrots of love, so to speak. And that’s the guilt trip. The emotional trip you take because somebody made you feel guilty using love and caring.


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