Obama’s speach

Invest in America !
We, Americans, are charitable people. We donate 300 billions of dollars a year !
Because when disaster happens – we come to help.
And by our motto “for the people, by the people”, our government helps too.
Like we did recently for good people from New Jersey suffering from Hurricane Sandy.
And when our financial industry failed in self inflicted disaster, we helped them as well.
But times are tough. Although we helped our bankers to bring DOW back, we did not bring back the jobs.
So here is my initiative for our financial industry: Invest In America !
Bankers and insurers should should cover mortgage payments of unemployed people for up to 5 years, while unemployed are looking for jobs. It would give bankers incentive to invest in local job creators, and help people to live through hard times.
Invest in America !
Bankers, If all goes well, within 5 years everybody will find a job and could pay you back the mortgage !
And if not – you will not loose so much as to break you. But you will know that your money helped  real people in personal disaster of being unemployed and thrown away from home.
Invest in America !

etc, etc


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