new tv show, it must be smashing success

I am looking at what’s popular, and I know how next hit series will look like:
Englishman, Japanophile geek solves crimes and Polynesian mysteries on Hawaii !
On “secret” military basis on Big Island, he has his computer Dr Watson as companion.
When Sherlock travels, he always travel with his hat on, specifically designed to let Dr Watson to be present at all times. In this hat, there are sensors and controllers that constantly monitoring, correlating, talking to “the mother ship”. Sometimes cape, or, rather, mackintosh, helps.
Hat can only survive 22 min on batteries and that’s the length of each episode.
Sherlock has a need to talk out loud, when alone, to practice different tourists accents,
so Watson never knows who is the real audience of his “brilliant” speeches.
And Sherlock never knows what will be the next Dr Watson learn to do. And how uniquely brilliant he really is.
His games of choice of beating Watson are poker and go.
To solve his crimes, Sherlock frequently “employs” Polynesian work force in hotels, golf clubs and coffee plantations.
To pay them off he has to solve mysteries for them.
So Sherlock needs learn and dig local customs, traditions, religions and myths.
High class crime in exotic location by Sherlock Holmes with military high tech

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