Future Jiminy first speach

So, what makes human a human ? Another way to think about it is through myths and stories about “others” who become a human. Or, even better, the story of one who still tries to become. What is he after ? In this scheme of things story of Supermen is a great illustration.

You know that Supermen could be anybody. He is an ALIEN. He just happen to look like human, but then again there is a lot you do not know about Superman and how might he look like. But for now lets ask a question more relevant to the discussion: why Clark Kent ? (bubbles start appear, people across the room quickly learn about Clark Kent visually with minimal text, people eyes looks different when it happens) Why spend so much time – the only really valuable resource for Superman, pretending to be a person invisible in the crowd ? Why devote yourself helping people at all ? But do it only as a last resort to appear as Supermen, why ?

Well, the short answer, is : his role model is Pinocchio, he want to be a real boy.(bubbles appear again) So he needs to be brave, truthful, unselfish and able to tell right from wrong by listening to his conscience. Pa and Ma Kent never did realize what an impact that evening story book time made. You should read books to your children. And I mean read it for real, open your mouth and talk for real. And stop your fucking eye blinking, talk like humans. You have a comment ? A question to ask ? Go ahead and say it out loud, we can all share this experience. So, When Supermen left for Metropolis, he just left for the closest city big enough to optimize his chance to find the next most important thing on the quest: find his Jiminy Cricket.


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