autism at the center of the story

People have a phenomenal skill – assess another person mental state from a quick glance.
We learn it while being babies, our mothers teach us by repeating back our baby talk, mirroring back our emotions.
Interesting though, how since advent of TV, our children learn to read people emotions from non-interactive images.
But than cartoons grew from a clever entertainment, a place where kids could learn to associate emotions with simplified, codified graphic representation,
to a place where kids learn what emotions are and how to express them.
Than another interesting thing happen – people started to have kids late. And we should realize that the most expressive behavior patterns at the moment of conception will more likely to be dominant at child. So what post-teanager preoccupied with ? Emotion recognition on faces of others in the social circle. And what mental skills move 40 year old  ? Ability to sustain a routine. They use this extremely powerful visual cortex to visualize complex relationships of abstract entities instead of complexity of human physical expression – something this cortex historically developed into.
Kids are bombarded by endless stimulation non stop, look at the babies toys , they all constantly making noises burst with colors and textures.  We are performing genetic experiment on ourselves, on epigenomic level, creating a new race. Big Variation we called it. Higher differences caused severe autism but with more geniuses born in each generation.  It forced new economic model of “universal curve”. To make more, you had to take care of more. And geniuses invented a scheme of semiautomatic support. So people with no other marketable skill end up making money by taking care of others. Some are so in demand that they charge exuberant amounts
So here you have it, autistic kids everywhere.
But we have hope. We can not teach computers to understand true complexity of human interactions, but we could definitely teach them to understand cartoons. When that happens, our autistic kids will find a self-adaptive medium they will use to communicate.
And that how we will become robots.

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