notes on plot

  • Retired reporter Jim The Cricket will become Supermen’s shrink. It only started to become popular
  • At the end of past time period, Supermen had lost a fight. He can not save humanity from an awful death orchestrated by Luthor – contagion – he can’t fight it. Supermen promised Lex Luthor to leave the earth for N years and put a trust into sociopath.
  • Jim from the future is comic book buff who learned the truth about past Jim and real reason why Supermen disappeared.
  • At the beginning of the future section Supermen has to solve why N years, save everyone and become so beloved, that he unanimously accepted as part humanity.
  • Changes in technology
      • people can talk inside head by pretending talking – but only one way at a time, normal or internal. Muscle activation patterns are mapped into sounds.

      • people use lenses, nose and earplugs for instant knowledge gratification

      • there are chips in heads that people can choose to have, but like tattoos, it is controversial.

      • lenses superimpose filters on the world, so irrelevant details disappear. You apply your color scheme.

    • Changes in culture

      • privacy

        • everybody can see what actions anybody else made.

        • checking what actions other person made is also considered an action and can be monitored

      • so there are people who request to see inappropriate stuff. They can not be denied. But everybody else knows that this is what they’ve done.And treat them accordingly.

      • your avatar

        • profile has knowledge what to monitor for you.

        • your profile information is public and monitored as well.

      • people gossip, since private conversations are available only through court order, people feel comfortable to discuss in privacy of their homes. they share what they know about other people without logged public action of checking this info.

      • sometimes there are bets, and somebody checks the info, shares it and apologizes to subject of the bet.

      • There are federally certified privacy rooms – it costs money, you have to be scanned, you can meet other scanned people in there. There is no feed from these rooms. but metadata (who, how long) is public info.

      • everyone uses lenses in the city, only tourists come and freaked out by transparent design.

      • lenses, year/nose plugs are always breaking up, need an upgrade and source of maintenance related disorders.

    • brain dev

      • people use all these new brain interface technology for super high feedback learning. Skills are developed in simulated environment where your goal is to concentrate, meditation like. The machine measures the response and figures best learning strategy. So people are generally smarter, but importantly lots more specialized

      • autism of different severity is rampant, treated using “assisted profile” that helps make social decisions and prepare others.

      • Some healthy people use “assisted profile” to simplify daily interactions. Others, of course, know.

      • Autists generally make less money and people do not spend a lot of time with mixed profiles.

  • at the end of the future section, Supermen starts to wear assisted profile lenses. To get there, at first he tries to thank the world for accepting him by making us all equally smart, he believes that it will fix autism and make us more balanced and happy. and it will nearly destroy us in the process. Thanks to technology everyone learns the news instantly . And we feel so guilty for him, his new Jiminy feels guilty for him. people around,… the whole world is in shame. And when he sees this suddenly relatively harmonized stream through his feed filtered by assisted profile lenses, he gets it, he gets what does it mean to be guilty feels and becomes human, like flesh and blood, from random mix of cells of billions of people.

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