cross fingers

Crossing fingers – if done in front and visible, suggests hope and ask for luck. If you cross fingers behind your back, or even hidden in your pockets, means you looking to get away with a lie. Brilliant ! One gesture to plead the Gods and wink to Devil. The way I see it, it is the most profound of all hand gestures, it is so human, naive and innocent…

Compare it to “V” – victory sign. It turned to accessory to duck face selfies. I think exactly because of it boasting nature. The reasons to be proud can easily change.

The closest thing is Hamsa – stylized hand, with an eye in the palm, used to provide defense against evil spirits. It is an amulet, not a gesture. But crossing fingers, just mere 200 years ago was described in book of manners to be used for exactly same purpose. The sign really predated Christianity, but, probably, got popular with it.

So, here is my tribute to the most sincere of all the gestures, this is one super-lucky winking eye cross fingered Hamsa:



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